How To Lose Weight

Our highly demanding lifestyle has pushed us into the eat-and-run and a massive-portion-sized culture.  As a result it has become challenging to maintain a healthy weight, while losing the weight has almost become impossible.  So how to lose weight when you have already tried several things, but in vain.  Most of the diets don’t work, at least not in the long run. But there is a holistic way to lose weight that will save you from dieting pitfalls and help you achieve lasting weight loss success and develop healthier relationship with food.  The holistic way to lose weight involves regular exercise, eating healthy and knowing what you should by avoiding what may sabotage your weight loss regime.

Energy Needs and Weight Loss

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Our body uses food for energy.  So ideally our daily calorie intake should be equal to the calorie we burn daily.  But when we consume more calories than we burn, our bodies start storing excess calories in the form of fat and we gain weight.  If you effectively want to lose your weight, you need to:

•Decrease your calorie intake (diet plan)

•Increase your level of physical activities (exercise).

Diet Plan

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Diet plan plays a crucial role in helping you reduce your overall calorie intake while at the same time without letting you compromise on your nutrition intake. If you are overweight, you need to make changes to your current eating habits.  You cannot lose your weight by eating lots of food or eating fatty foods such as cake, pastries and donuts.  You should completely avoid drinking sweet fizzy drinks and limit them to special occasions only. Don’t fall for crash diets or any diet plan that is less than 1500 calories, as this will lead to drastic weight loss followed by weight gain.  The fact is that there are no short-cuts to losing your weight in a healthy and reasonable way.


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According to recent research, if anyone increases the amount of exercise even without making any changes to their diet, they will lose weight. Even light exercise such as short 20 minute walks can be beneficial if done at least 3 days a week.  Being overweight will unfortunately lead to the formation of ugly cellulite.  Cellulite is just plain old fat that is bumpy.  Increasing the amount of physical activities is the perfect solution for cellulite reduction.  Crash diets can make cellulite reduction worse by reducing the skin’s elasticity.  You can get the best cellulite treatment through exercise and adopting cardio routines such as intense workouts and moderate workouts.  Cellulite is more prominent in women than in men due to the structural differences of stored fat between the sexes.  Clinical cellulite treatment methods involve the combination of laser, radio frequency, massage and suction treatment.  These methods are expensive and will require ongoing treatment and recovery. The best way to rid your cellulite is to try 60 minutes of cardio for five times a week.

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